Medium: Practices and Routes of Spirituality and Mysticism Exhibit

A few of my works that are now at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas. Be sure to check it out at: 

'Angelo's Wings,' 2016

'Trumped,' 2013

'Benediction,' 2010

Decoding Salvation

2013 has been a great year. In the past year I moved into my own place, I went off to graduate school, I got married and I had an art show! Here are a few of the works from that show which was title "Decoding Salvation." Hope that you are blessed. 


I love serving God through my talents. This a conceptual piece from one of my older long term projects that I now have the opportunity to revisit. It is based on the Biblical story of Creation.

PTAP "Nurturing Brotherhood" Piece

                                         "A Kiss for Angelo", 2012