After Thanksgiving

Good food, good fun and good fellowship is what pretty much sums up my thanksgiving. Yes, this holiday season I've been blessed to have the company and kindness of people who genuinely possess the spirit of giving, who were generous enough to open their doors to a stranger like myself... Well I wasn't a total stranger, that is I knew someone who knew some one who also new some one. 
I tend to hate myself after thanksgiving because, well you see, my eyes tend to grow bigger than my stomach around this time of year and since that happens to make a long story short I feel like I've packed on enough pounds to opt for a mall job as Old Saint Nicholas for the following holiday season. 
Now that the holiday is over it is indeed time for me to buckle down and get some work done. As of late my energies and attention has been divided. I've been focusing on a number of projects such as writing short stories (and applying to competitions), doing research for a few graphic novels and putting together a proposal idea for a musical performance ceremony that is known in my country as "Junkanoo (will explain in a later blog or look it up for yourself on the web)." I've also been working on my illustration portfolio but unfortunately it has been neglected. Right now I plan to make that my main priority because that needs to be completed in order to apply for the type of jobs that I really want. So with that said and I know that it is late, I think that I will give that aspect of the things that I am working on some needed attention. 


I've seen Better Days

Ever  since I've graduated from college I have been floating around doing odd jobs here and there and over the hill. One of my all time "I love to hate" odd jobs is being and extra in movies and t.v. programs. Today was one of the worst days in the life of an extra. I was informed by the company the night before the shoot of the place that I had to be and when I had to get there. The place that I had to go for the job was in Philly (which is 2hrs from NJ) and I had to be there at 4:30am in the morning. There was no backing out of the deal either seeing that I commited to a job that I couldn't received details for until the night before. Yeah I know, "its a suckers life." But you would be surprised to known the amount of people that were suckered (myself included). There were at least 150-200 and perhaps more up at 4:30am at the call and beckon of that mighty "Hollywood Dollar" and man, they made us earn that buck.
For 4hrs we waited, given some slimy, cold egg and cheese sandwiches to dine on. Did I mention that it was pissy cold? Yes today it was. So after waiting we were brought outside in the pissy cold (in which we waited for another hour and a half) and ordered to take off our jackets and coats because it was suppose to look like a "spring day." However the crowd did not adhere to the latter command mentioned and by the 200 plus scowling faces the tech crew and director knew that that was the end of that issue. To make a long story short the day slowly drudged on until 3:30 that afternoon. After the director said that we were done there was a mad rush for the buses that would have put any "Black Friday" shopping stampede to shame. 
After another 2hr long ride back to my place I reared up my computer to engage in other work endeavors and projects. I know I should be asleep after such a day, but in all honesty I love the work that I do and if I love it I should let it kill me right? Right??



Greetings viewer and welcome to my blog! I will make this invitation short and sweet seeing that I am new to this and that the fact remains that my little web space (or rather cyber apartment) is still under construction. Nevertheless I open my doors so that you can view the little that I have.