After Thanksgiving

Good food, good fun and good fellowship is what pretty much sums up my thanksgiving. Yes, this holiday season I've been blessed to have the company and kindness of people who genuinely possess the spirit of giving, who were generous enough to open their doors to a stranger like myself... Well I wasn't a total stranger, that is I knew someone who knew some one who also new some one. 
I tend to hate myself after thanksgiving because, well you see, my eyes tend to grow bigger than my stomach around this time of year and since that happens to make a long story short I feel like I've packed on enough pounds to opt for a mall job as Old Saint Nicholas for the following holiday season. 
Now that the holiday is over it is indeed time for me to buckle down and get some work done. As of late my energies and attention has been divided. I've been focusing on a number of projects such as writing short stories (and applying to competitions), doing research for a few graphic novels and putting together a proposal idea for a musical performance ceremony that is known in my country as "Junkanoo (will explain in a later blog or look it up for yourself on the web)." I've also been working on my illustration portfolio but unfortunately it has been neglected. Right now I plan to make that my main priority because that needs to be completed in order to apply for the type of jobs that I really want. So with that said and I know that it is late, I think that I will give that aspect of the things that I am working on some needed attention. 


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