What's the Lastest

The good news is that I'm getting work even though they're just free lance jobs. I begin my "steady" 9-5 tomorrow where I will be working with a guy who builds boats. I'm excited to learn what its all about but my joys are kinda cut short knowing that we will be laboring in the hot Caribbean Sun. Yeeeaah!!
One of my recent freelancing jobs was designing posters for plays. Here is an early poster design for the adaption of a Shakespeare play (to fit a Caribbean setting) which is titled "The Tempest." I really liked this design and so did some of the other directors of the play. However some of the other directors wanted to go with something that showed more of the magical side of the story (which I gave them).
I've been busy doing freelance work and though I start my day job tomorrow I'm looking forward to getting back on track in concern with my other personal projects.

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your`e a artistic PROPHET.......watch